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AC Condensers

If you are driving down the road in Wellington and your AC fails, it may be your condenser. The condenser looks like a large black square and is usually mounted in front of the radiator. Like radiators and evaporators, condensers are constructed as a series of tubes with fins around them. But unlike an evaporator, whose job is to absorb heat, the condenser's job is to release the heat your refrigerant absorbed while it was flowing through the evaporator, very much the same way the radiator releases the heat from engine coolant that the coolant absorbed while it was flowing through the engine. A car's condenser also removes unwanted debris from the cooling system.

Depend on Savel's Repair Shop to Replace Your Car's AC Condenser
  • Savel's Repair Shop uses parts specifically for your car's original air conditioning system
  • We calibrate performance multi-flow systems and subcooling
  • We inspect the heat exchanger core designed to shed airborne material buildup

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